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Safety and Why Choose Allset?

The reason to have your windshield fixed: SAFETY. Your windshield is more than just a “shield” from wind and road dirt, is part of the vehicle structural integrity. Your windshield plays a very important part in a crash and a roll-over accident. It also provides support to your passenger-side airbag. If your windshield loses adhesion on a collision or rollover, your safety is in jeopardy. If your windshield is weakened due to damage or poor installation, it could be dangerous to you and your passengers in the event of an accident. This is the reason why you should check your windshield in regular bases and if it is damaged. You should have it repair or replace by a qualified automotive glass technician.

Please watch this ABC documentary about the dangers of improperly installed windshields in passenger vehicles:



We provide a 100% guarantee for installation.

AllSet Auto Glass LTD. Provides guarantee on all the installations against leak or defects of any kind, unless due to rust or previous vehicle damage. And LIFE TIME guarantee as long as you own or operate the vehicle.


Under Warranty

-AllSet Auto Glass Ltd. Technicians are qualified by Auto Glass (ITA) Industry Training Authority. 

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Parts Warranty

The warranty on parts and supplies follows the manufacture warranty.
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